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Seven of My Top Free or Dirt-Cheap Guerilla Marketing Secrets.


1. Local Clubs – Free. Public speaking is credibility on steroids, and you’ll average 1-2 new clients per talk, guaranteed. Every community newspaper or community magazine has a local calendar of events that lists meeting places and topics for local clubs. Check it out, then contact the club president or listed representative and offer to speak at their next meeting. Here are some ideas:

Alcoholics Anonymous: How Fitness Can Be a Positive Addiction

Breastfeeding Mothers: What Type of Foods You Can Eat to Have a Smarter Baby

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Podcast Episode #14: How to Conduct The Personal Training Consultation.


In this March 5, 2009 podcast episode, I teach you exactly what to say and how to conduct your initial meeting and consultation interview with a potential fitness, wellness or personal training client to win their trust, identify their goals and create a road map that results in a win-win situation!

I literally tell you exactly how I do it, and give complete instructions for creating a client interview form template.

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How a Fitness Professional Entrepreneur Can Get a Toll-Free Number

Here’s a guarantee: If you don’t have something like I’m about to tell you, there are a few dozen potential fitness or nutrition clients a day who are not calling you because they don’t want to use their cell phone minutes or they think your cheesy local number doesn’t look professional enough.

OK, get ready for a very cool and highly affordable tactic for giving your personal training or nutrition consulting business a more corporate feel and a higher degree of credibility, while giving yourself a very quick and convenient way to get voicemail automatically delivered to your e-mail inbox as an instantly playable .mp3 file. For 10 bucks a month. I know – I was also floored at the price.

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Podcast Episode #13: How To Become a Wellness Coach

If you listened to Podcast Episode #12, then you heard Phil Kaplan speak about the growing importance of “curing the disease” for your personal training clients. For some, this may include a focus on the wellness coaching component, because being a personal trainer involves so much more than simply helping your client achieve individual aesthetic fitness goals.

In this Podcast Episode #13, “How to Become a Wellness Coach”, Ben Greenfield interviews Margaret Moore from Wellcoaches about how personal trainers can become lifestyle and wellness coaches, a growing profession that is going to see huge demand in 2009 and beyond.

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Podcast Episode #12: Recession-Proof Your Fitness Business

The past year has been a financial and business roller-coaster ride for most industries. Do you want specific suggestions on how personal trainers can ensure success if economic turmoil continues in 2009? In this January 2, 2009 Podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Phil Kaplan about how personal trainers can approach the 2009 economy and still experience massive success in the fitness business.

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How to Start an Online Personal Training Business: Part II

And remember…check out the 150+ page fitness business manual by clicking here!

How to Start an Online Personal Training Business: Part I

OK, so the first thing you need to understand is that online personal training is your answer to this so-called “Recession“.

Case in point:

Just lastnight, I received two separate e-mails. Both were from individuals who “couldn’t afford” face-to-face coaching but who both wanted to sign up immediately for online training.

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Learn Exactly How to Start an Online Personal Training or Sports Coaching Business

You’ve heard of online personal training and sports coaching, but how does it practically work? And is it really the answer for fitness professionals to still make money during the financial recession in America? In the upcoming series of 10 articles right here at this website, you’re going to learn how to:

-host and build your website

-advertise your online services

-optimize client interactions

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Podcast Episode #11: Social Networking for Fitness Professionals

In this November 3rd, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews John Santagate of Go Talk Fitness about how fitness professionals can enhance marketing presence, increase search engine rankings, meet new clients, and profit from a wide array of social networking options.

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Podcast Episode #8: A Tasty Tip to Double Your Personal Training Income

In this September 21, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield discusses how nutrition consulting can provide your client with instant results and exponentially increase your salary. Includes information about certifications, websites, and legal implications of enhancing your fitness business income with nutrition consulting.

Website mentioned in this episode:

Podcast Episode #7: How To Create and Profit From a Personal Training Boot Camp

In this interview, Ben Greenfield has a conversation with personal trainer Danna Snow about how she trains 30 people in a single session, and nets an entire day’s profit in a single hour via her boot camp. Ben and Danna discuss fee and business structures, online automation, and boot camp workout styles. The bonus? ZERO overhead!


Podcast Episode #6: How to Create Print-On-Demand Fitness & Nutrition Information Products

In this week’s Train For Top Dollar Podcast Episode #6: how to use an online print-on-demand to service to save time and inexpensively produce your books and DVD’s.

Remember, the entire eighth chapter of Train For Top Dollar is devoted to teaching fitness professionals a step-by-step process for designing and producing information products! Check it out today at


Podcast Episode #4: Fitness Website Search Engine Optimization

In this week’s podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews an SEO and SEM expert Crystal Wallace, who has a degree in statistical modeling and works to enhance search engine ranking and website visibility. Topics include enhancing the search engine friendliness of your website, understanding meta-tags and meta-keywords, “white hat” vs. “black hat” marketing efforts, and creating a Google AdWords campaign.

Video Monetization

I’ve been to a fair share of clinics, conferences and presentations in the fitness industry, and am frankly surprised at the lack of monetization.

What do I mean by monetization?

Basically, this term refers to the ability to take a presentation, idea or skill, and profit from it. Repeatedly. Video monetization is one of the simplest ways to take a free or inexpensive conference, clinic or seminar and sell it to the public afterwards. It is a very simple concept – you simply record yourself presenting to a niche market on your chosen expert topic, then package and sell that recording to both the clinic attendees as well as future customers. All that is required is a video camera in the audience, either operated by an acquaintance or friend, or set firmly upon a tripod.

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Podcast Episode #1: 5 Killer Tips on How To Create Your Online Personal Training Website

5 Killer Tips on How To Create Your Online Personal Training Website

In the past, I’ve personally done full graphic design and coding for twelve of my own websites. I’ve also had local community graphic web designers create two additional websites. But now, I outsource all this time-consuming work to Pakistan, India, or some other very inexpensive technology sector based geographical area. I talk comprehensively about this type of outsourcing in Chapter 5 of Train For Top Dollar.

So what methods have I used to create my websites?

Whoever you use to host your website will typically come include free web templates. What this means is that you can download the template to your computer, or you can use an online editing program that is usually available on your web host, and most of the work is done for you. For multiple reasons included in my book, especially for utilizing one-click, simple blog creation, my favorite host is Bluehost.

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How to Subscribe For Free to Train for Top Dollar Feed

So you want to automatically have the Train for Top Dollar tips and tricks blog delivered automatically to your computer?

Here’s a step-by-step process that I highly recommend you try now:

1. Download a feed reader to your computer. Popular feed readers include, which can automatically feed subscriptions into your e-mail box, but there are a ton of different options for RSS readers, including Microsoft Outlook plug-ins or plug-ins for browsers like Firefox Apple’s newest Safari browser also has an RSS reader. But the NewsGator is a good free reader that is easy to use and allows you to track your feeds anytime, anywhere, from any browser, by just logging into your free NewsGator account online. Just go to their website, click on products, then choose a feed reader that is compatible with your system.

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