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An Incredibly Easy 3 Step Process to Launching Your Own Highly Profitable Online Triathlon Coaching or Fitness Training Website

If you follow the three steps below to creating a highly profitable online triathlon coaching or fitness training website, you’re going find that it’s so easy, even a monkey could do it. Have fun!

Step 1: Get A Web Host

I personally use Bluehost for all my web hosting. Not only are they inexpensive, at $6.95 per month, but they have excellent customer service and a huge range of options, including some pretty good looking, pre-designed website templates and the ability to add things like blogs and forums to your website with literally one click.

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Ben Greenfield Featured in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.


Want to learn exactly how I got started in personal training and the secrets to how I run my fitness business today? Click here to read the personal training magazine PFP now and get over 50 tips for personal fitness professionals, along with a history of how I got started in personal training, and what the keys are to your ultimate success in a fitness career!

By the way, keep your eyes posted on this blog…

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Podcast Episode #13: How To Become a Wellness Coach

If you listened to Podcast Episode #12, then you heard Phil Kaplan speak about the growing importance of “curing the disease” for your personal training clients. For some, this may include a focus on the wellness coaching component, because being a personal trainer involves so much more than simply helping your client achieve individual aesthetic fitness goals.

In this Podcast Episode #13, “How to Become a Wellness Coach”, Ben Greenfield interviews Margaret Moore from Wellcoaches about how personal trainers can become lifestyle and wellness coaches, a growing profession that is going to see huge demand in 2009 and beyond.

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Podcast Episode #12: Recession-Proof Your Fitness Business

The past year has been a financial and business roller-coaster ride for most industries. Do you want specific suggestions on how personal trainers can ensure success if economic turmoil continues in 2009? In this January 2, 2009 Podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Phil Kaplan about how personal trainers can approach the 2009 economy and still experience massive success in the fitness business.

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Podcast Episode #4: Fitness Website Search Engine Optimization

In this week’s podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews an SEO and SEM expert Crystal Wallace, who has a degree in statistical modeling and works to enhance search engine ranking and website visibility. Topics include enhancing the search engine friendliness of your website, understanding meta-tags and meta-keywords, “white hat” vs. “black hat” marketing efforts, and creating a Google AdWords campaign.

Podcast Episode #3: Corporate Wellness

In this podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Brad Cooper of US Corporate Wellness ( During the interview, Brad introduces the topic of individualized coaching for corporate wellness programs, and explains how personal trainers can become involved in one of the fastest growing trends among America’s businesses. You’ll learn one very powerful way to leverage your time and resources in your corporate personal training.

Podcast Episode #2: Online Personal Training Interview

This highly educational podcast interview with Gary Lavin answers the following questions:

1. How can an personal trainer have “More Power in Less Time” with online training?

2. What tips do you have for a trainer who has never trained online, but wants to get started immediately?

3. What resources or software are available for online trainers who don’t want to create their own website?

4. Can you charge the same for online training as face-to-face training?

5. Some trainers combine face-to-face and online training. What do you think of this model?

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