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Executive Health Programs

Executive health screenings have huge potential for increasing your bottom line as a gym or individual fitness professional. Corporations will pay top dollar to keep their valuable executives healthy, and you can be a key cog in that wheelset. In order to successfully integrate this tool in your business, you must have access to a team. I talk more about building your team/network in my book, but the basic idea is that within your community you must have an established relationship with nutritionists, physiologists, and physicians. This is crucial to your referral business and your ability to successfully implement an executive health screening program.

You can then approach your local corporations and offer to coordinate their executive health screening program, by directing the team that provides access to the necessary protocols. You’ll want to speak with the head of HR at the corporation. A sample executive health screening would consist of the following procedures:

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Podcast Episode #1: 5 Killer Tips on How To Create Your Online Personal Training Website

5 Killer Tips on How To Create Your Online Personal Training Website

In the past, I’ve personally done full graphic design and coding for twelve of my own websites. I’ve also had local community graphic web designers create two additional websites. But now, I outsource all this time-consuming work to Pakistan, India, or some other very inexpensive technology sector based geographical area. I talk comprehensively about this type of outsourcing in Chapter 5 of Train For Top Dollar.

So what methods have I used to create my websites?

Whoever you use to host your website will typically come include free web templates. What this means is that you can download the template to your computer, or you can use an online editing program that is usually available on your web host, and most of the work is done for you. For multiple reasons included in my book, especially for utilizing one-click, simple blog creation, my favorite host is Bluehost.

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