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Podcast Episode #12: Recession-Proof Your Fitness Business

The past year has been a financial and business roller-coaster ride for most industries. Do you want specific suggestions on how personal trainers can ensure success if economic turmoil continues in 2009? In this January 2, 2009 Podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Phil Kaplan about how personal trainers can approach the 2009 economy and still experience massive success in the fitness business.

Phil is considered by many to be the father of combining traditional business philosophies and practices with personal training. He has been referred to as the world’s most in-demand fitness professional and the Master of Body Transformation!

He worked his way up from a minimum wage fitness instructor to health club operator and owner to a media personality appearing on over 1,000 television and radio programs as well as authoring over 250 published articles. Phil is responsible for introducing many of the standard industry practices that are utilized by fitness professionals worldwide, such as Supportive Nutrition, A Concern for Muscle, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, The Series Philosophy, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, The Transform Program, The Orientation, NAVAQA Sales Technique of Influence and many others. He is also the author of Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future and the e-program, Change Your Mind, Change the World.

He has shared his unwavering success strategies to more than 100,000 fitness professionals all over the world and is credited with creating more successful fitness entrepreneurs than any other force in the fitness industry.

Included in this free audio interview with Phil:

-What Phil considers to be the top trends in personal training for 2009.

-How can a personal trainer can stand out among the glut of fitness information.

-Why the psychology of “fitness” business needs to be re-invented, and how you can do it.

-Where you can go and what you can read to enable yourself with the resources to implement Phil’s suggestions.

-The singe powerful piece of technology Phil considers one of the top tools to have in your personal training toolbox!

-And much, much more!

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Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book