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Podcast Episode #13: How To Become a Wellness Coach

If you listened to Podcast Episode #12, then you heard Phil Kaplan speak about the growing importance of “curing the disease” for your personal training clients. For some, this may include a focus on the wellness coaching component, because being a personal trainer involves so much more than simply helping your client achieve individual aesthetic fitness goals.

In this Podcast Episode #13, “How to Become a Wellness Coach”, Ben Greenfield interviews Margaret Moore from Wellcoaches about how personal trainers can become lifestyle and wellness coaches, a growing profession that is going to see huge demand in 2009 and beyond.

After listening to the podcast, click here to watch a wellness coaching video demonstration, or visit Wellcoaches and learn more about how to enhance your fitness business, lifestyle coaching, or personal training program by becoming a wellness coach!

Wellness coaching is “setting the standard for professional coaches in healthcare, and Wellcoaches is the leader in building the new professions of fitness coach, health coach, and wellness coach. In alliance with the American College of Sports Medicine, they deliver education, training, and certifications on coaching skills and methodologies based on coaching psychology, supported by innovative web technology. Their mission is to teach you new coaching skills and processes – and when you’re ready, help you build a successful coaching business.”

This is the wave of future! Hop on board.

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book