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An Incredibly Easy 3 Step Process to Launching Your Own Highly Profitable Online Triathlon Coaching or Fitness Training Website

If you follow the three steps below to creating a highly profitable online triathlon coaching or fitness training website, you’re going find that it’s so easy, even a monkey could do it. Have fun!

Step 1: Get A Web Host

I personally use Bluehost for all my web hosting. Not only are they inexpensive, at $6.95 per month, but they have excellent customer service and a huge range of options, including some pretty good looking, pre-designed website templates and the ability to add things like blogs and forums to your website with literally one click.

If you use their WordPress blog that comes with easy one-click installation, I recommend you go with a site called Revolution for all your themes. This will knock your visitors socks off.

Step 2: Begin Producing Useful & Meaningful Content

There’s two great ways to begin producing useful and meaningful content.

-A Blog. You should really have a blog somewhere on your site for this. That’s why I like Bluehost, which has that “one Click” WordPress installation I was talking about.

-A Newsletter. No good website is complete without the ability for you to create a list of potential customers and also be able to provide that list with some type of newsletter or syndicated content. I’m personally a big fan of an easy-to-use system by Marketer’s Choice called “1shoppingcart“, mostly because you can both send newsletters and have a shopping cart, as the name suggests. Another really good newsletter system is called Aweber, which I also use for a couple of my websites.

Step 3: Monetize

I’m going to assume here that someday you actually want to start selling something! You need two things: a shopping cart system (like 1shoppingcart) and a credit card processing merchant (like the one I use at You could even go for a simple “done-for-you” solution that combines the shopping cart and the credit card processing. I just started using just such a solution called: Practice Pay Solutions.

As a bit of a bonus, here’s five other crucial resources that will help you save time, look good and make more money!

1. Odesk for outsourcing and finding affordable assistants…

2. TrainingPeaks for managing clients and athletes…

3. Skype for communicating with clients via phone and chat, or recording calls…

4. PDF Creation Software for making good looking e-books…

5. Killer Covers for making really awesome covers for your e-books…

And of course, be sure to grab a copy of “How To Become A Triathlon Coach” & “Train For Top Dollar”, the ultimate one-two combo for learning everything you need to know for the triathlon coaching and fitness business!

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book