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Executive Health Programs

Executive health screenings have huge potential for increasing your bottom line as a gym or individual fitness professional. Corporations will pay top dollar to keep their valuable executives healthy, and you can be a key cog in that wheelset. In order to successfully integrate this tool in your business, you must have access to a team. I talk more about building your team/network in my book, but the basic idea is that within your community you must have an established relationship with nutritionists, physiologists, and physicians. This is crucial to your referral business and your ability to successfully implement an executive health screening program.

You can then approach your local corporations and offer to coordinate their executive health screening program, by directing the team that provides access to the necessary protocols. You’ll want to speak with the head of HR at the corporation. A sample executive health screening would consist of the following procedures:

-Medical examination and physical screening by a physician (your team member Physician)
-Resting/exercise electrocardiogram and blood pressure (Physician)
-Complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic profile (Physician)
-Thyroid screening (Physician)
-Body composition testing (You)
-Nutritional consultation with registered dietitian (Nutritionist/RD)
-Exercise and resting metabolic testing (Physiologist)
-Strength, flexibility and muscular endurance fitness testing (You)
-Follow-up management and recommendations (All team members)

You create the program and save HR the headache of figuring out how to find a facility that performs all these procedures at once. Make the phone calls to the physician, physiologist and nutritionist, schedule the appointments, and include the cost of the executive health screening management in your corporate wellness bid. Remember, you’re not managing the actual payment for the health screening services by the nutritionist, physiologist or physician. They manage their own billing and work with the corporation’s health insurance program. You’re simple directing the process and providing access to a team, then managing the outcome by prescribing proper exercise and coordinating any necessary follow-up appointments.

If you already have a corporate wellness program, this is a perk that will allow you to charge more for your services. If you’re wanting to implement a corporate wellness program, but don’t know where to start, I recommend the entire chapter of Train For Top Dollar that is devoted to offsite training. Whether home or corporate based, an offsite personal training program is a perfect solution for a trainer who wants to enhance their income, or eliminate the hassle of a studio or gym. Like the digital information product, the biggest advantage is that there are very few costs involved. Not having to pay a lease or maintain equipment leaves you with much less headache and more money in your pocket. Use the examples in Chapter 9, “Offsite Training”, to launch your offsite training business tomorrow!

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book