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Exactly How To Massively Profit From a New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge at Your Gym or Studio.


Are you stumped about how to put together a New Year’s weight loss competition at your gym or personal training studio? Perhaps you’ve been assigned the project of designing a New Year’s program to increase revenue, but just don’t know where to start.

Congratulations – you’re about to learn exactly what to do!

The program below, which I designed while managing a small fitness facility, generated 96 participant sign-ups at a relatively small health club, with under $100 in start-up costs, but over 6K in start-up profit, then an additional 30K generated over the course of the year from people in the program going on to sign-up for individualized personal training!

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Triathlon Coaching Webinar by Ben Greenfield now available from USAT

Are you a triathlon coach or in the fitness endurance market? Maybe you’re just trying to find out more about a triathlon coaching career or how to coach triathlon. By clicking here (link will open in new window), you can visit the USAT Webinar archives website and have complete access to any of the following webinars:

  • Race to Your Fitness & Truly Compete with Bobby McGee
  • Top 10 Triathlon Training Myths: De-mystified with Steve Tarpinian
  • Race Day Nutrition for Endurance Athletes with Bob Seebohar
  • Heart Rate Training with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • How to Make a Profit in the Triathlon Sports Market with Ben Greenfield
  • Long Course Brick Workouts for Success with Lee Zohlman
  • Training with Power – Power Basics with Angie Sturtevant
  • Swimming Myths with Steve Tarpinian
  • Cycling Technique-Improving your Power & Efficiency with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • Inflammation & Omega-3 Fats with Bob Seebohar
  • The Tri Diet: Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change with Rich Julason
  • Race Nutrition In Depth with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • Off Season Strength & Conditioning with Tim Crowley
  • Successful Pacing for Successful Racing with Lee Zohlman
  • Developing 5k & 10K Running Ability with Bobby McGee
  • Metabolic Efficiency with Bob Seebohar
  • Single Sport Training to Improve Your Weak Link with Tim Crowley
  • Triathlon Training for Women with Sally Edwards & Cindy Miller

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Podcast #18: How to Figure Out What to Charge for Corporate Wellness Services.


In this November 20 free audio episode, I respond to a question from Joy, who asks:

I am meeting with an administrator at a Clinic to discuss starting a pilot wellness program.  I worked at a small business for a year doing one-on-one training and employee wellness (salary position). I believe I was compensated properly the first few months but at the end of the year realized I was greatly underpaid.  This is partly why I’m moving on to another company.  I believe this clinic has the funds to pay me appropriatly.  My question for you is, how do I figure a salary for wellness and personal training at such a large company?  I want to charge per session for one-on-one and per person for group sessions.  To start, they will not have a workout facility but will in about a year or two.  For now they would have me train in unused office space.  Could you give me any advice on how to propose my services to them based on your experiences working in corporate wellness?  Thanks so much!”

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Ben Greenfield Featured in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine.


Want to learn exactly how I got started in personal training and the secrets to how I run my fitness business today? Click here to read the personal training magazine PFP now and get over 50 tips for personal fitness professionals, along with a history of how I got started in personal training, and what the keys are to your ultimate success in a fitness career!

By the way, keep your eyes posted on this blog…

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The book Train For Top Dollar now available from Healthy Learning Publications!


Ready to get Ben Greenfield’s brand new fitness business book mailed to your front doorstep? Healthy Learning publications has just released Train For Top Dollar as a new book, entitled “The Personal Trainers’ Guide to Earning Top Dollar”! You can get your copy today by clicking here to visit their website.

Recognizing that multiple income streams are key to success in the fitness business, the “The Personal Trainers’ Guide to Earning Top Dollar” identifies those streams and provides instruction on how to command your income.

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How To Know Exactly What People Are Saying About You On The Internet.


Quick Question:

Are you a personal trainer or fitness professional who delivers services to your local city?

Are you an “online” exercise or nutrition consultant?

Are you a gym or studio owner?

Do you sell fitness e-books and information products?

Then I guarantee people are talking about you, your services, and your products. On the internet. With the advent of online social networking, it is now possible to have detailed conversations about fitness businesses, customer satisfaction, client results, gym cleanliness, exercise equipment maintenance, personal trainer capabalities and a host of other factors.

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Podcast Episode #16: How to Get Ranked in the New Bing Search Engine


If you’re a fitness professional, personal trainer or nutrition consultant who is serious about enhancing your web presence, then you must know about how to get your fitness website ranked on Bing, the new Microsoft search engine, over at

As you probably already know, getting high search engine rankings in Google is “The Holy Grail” of internet marketing and is crucial in helping your online and local customers to find you quickly and easily. But by this time next year, getting ranked in Bing will be just as, if not more important.

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Warning to Fitness Internet Marketers – Are You At Risk for “Computer Vision Syndrome”?


Eye strain happens.

You know what it feels like. That headache back behind your orbital lobes that sometimes makes you feel like throwing up after you’ve been staring at web pages or word documents hours.

It makes you not want to workout, or makes your workouts feel like crap.

It makes you grumpy, and your family knows to avoid you after you’ve spent the day in front of a computer.

“It” is called Eye Fatigue or Computer Vision Syndrome, and you’re not alone. It happens to alot of internet marketers, computer workers, and anybody who stares at pixels and digital screens on a regular basis.

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Podcast Episode #15: May is the Official “Exercise is Medicine” Month…Are You Positioned to Profit?


The month of May has been declared the official “Exercise is Medicine” month by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Health Association.

What does this mean for you as a fitness professional?

Well, to start, here’s an e-mail I received a few weeks ago from the ACSM:

Exercise is Medicine™ Month 2009

Thank you for your continued support of Exercise is Medicine™! We’ve been working on numerous exciting initiatives to advance the promotion of physical activity, and are once again gearing up for an important event: Exercise is Medicine Month.

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Free Excerpt from “Train For Top Dollar” Chapter Eight…

Can of Worms – Legal Considerations in Nutrition Consulting

Welcome to the nasty, smelly can of worms in the personal training industry. Can personal trainers legally and ethically dispense nutrition advice? For that matter, can “certified nutritionists” legally and ethically dispense nutrition advice? As a fitness professional, you are a gatekeeper of information on exercise and nutrition, but there is a great deal of disagreement over how you can actually share that information. Part of the disagreement is due to highly differing state laws that govern nutrition practices (to view state laws in more detail, visit , as well as a lack of consensus on the definition of diet prescription. 

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5 Simple Things You Can Add to Your To-Do List for Automatically Skyrocketing Your Online Personal Training Business

If you could hack into my computer and log-in to my Entourage calendar, you would find that I’ve created a simple task for each day – just something small that takes only about 5 minutes to accomplish. These tiny, seemingly inane habits add up to massively boost my online presence, search engine ranking, and productivity as a fitness professional, personal trainer, and triathlon coach.

I want to share 5 of these tasks with you. WARNING: After 2 or 3 weeks, you will begin to notice your website hits and interest in your personal training programs begin to skyrocket!

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How Much Would You Pay If You Knew This Secret?

Distribution of your articles to multiple online and print sources can vastly improve your search engine rankings, website hits, and business. Just imagine if the latest article that you wrote on “How to Tone Your Triceps” was appearing on 120 different websites just 10 days after you wrote it. You’d have instant expert status!

I was recently approached by a company that wanted to help distribute my articles to online and print publications, and also provide full press release and marketing for each article.

My first thoughts?

Fantastic! A better way to manage time and enhance marketing visibility!

My second thought, after hearing the cost?

You’re kidding.

This service was being offered for a grand total of just $4975.

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Podcast Episode #10: Cloud Computing & More

In this October 16, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield explains how to automate your lifestyle, finances, and communication via simple and free web tools. Train For Top Dollar is all about the concept of “time as money”, and this podcast is crucial to saving you hours each week. Very helpful websites mentioned in this episode:

-manage projects, keep track of correspondence, archive files and make, assign to-do lists, and interact with outsourced employees

-free skype-to-skype calls and dirt cheap national and international calls, including video to interact with your online clients

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Podcast Episode #5: Online Fitness Coaching Software Solutions

In this interview, Ben Greenfield talks with Training Peaks Chief Marketing Officer Dirk Friel about what features are available in online software programs, how many clients a trainer can work with, what type of legal considerations exist in the virtual training environment, and the practical aspects of how technology can significantly enhance a coach or trainer’s income.

How To Design a Cover for your Fitness E-Book

People judge a book by it’s cover. Design your information product accordingly. Appearance is everything. Your e-book, audio product, or video must be properly packaged or people will not buy it. It doesn’t matter that they’re not receiving a “paper book” or “physical product”. In the digital information age, electronic information is just as valuable as traditional information, if not more convenient, especially if your fitness or nutrition information product contains printable forms or logs. A client will have absolutely no problem opening their computer, scrolling to page 13, printing the page to take to the gym, and leaving the other 148 pages at home!

Have you ever seen a website or online advertisement that features e-books, audio CD’s or video DVD’s that look like the real thing but are actually only available in digital format? This is accomplished via a clever technique using simple software. You can take a raw graphic file of your e-book or audio information “cover logo”, and easily tweak it into an impressive three-dimensional design that looks like a real book or DVD.

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Podcast Episode #3: Corporate Wellness

In this podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Brad Cooper of US Corporate Wellness ( During the interview, Brad introduces the topic of individualized coaching for corporate wellness programs, and explains how personal trainers can become involved in one of the fastest growing trends among America’s businesses. You’ll learn one very powerful way to leverage your time and resources in your corporate personal training.

How to Launch Your Corporate Wellness Personal Training Program

As the business world becomes more aware of the significant positive correlation between employee health and employee productivity, corporate wellness programs will become a standard. Fortunately for you as a fitness professional, the human resources department of most corporations are ill-equipped to make educated decisions on fitness equipment, exercise classes, employee exercise tracking, and exercise program adherence. This is where you come in.

Your first task, before approaching a corporation to offer your services, is to gather data that provides convincing evidence for the efficacy of a corporate wellness program. This job is easy, because most CEO’s have read it in the paper, most HR directors have seen the research, and most employees know that basically, “exercise is good”. Nonetheless, you must come prepared.

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Podcast Episode #2: Online Personal Training Interview

This highly educational podcast interview with Gary Lavin answers the following questions:

1. How can an personal trainer have “More Power in Less Time” with online training?

2. What tips do you have for a trainer who has never trained online, but wants to get started immediately?

3. What resources or software are available for online trainers who don’t want to create their own website?

4. Can you charge the same for online training as face-to-face training?

5. Some trainers combine face-to-face and online training. What do you think of this model?

6. In addition to online training, what are some top ways a trainer can profit from having a web presence? Continue reading ‘Podcast Episode #2: Online Personal Training Interview’

Executive Health Programs

Executive health screenings have huge potential for increasing your bottom line as a gym or individual fitness professional. Corporations will pay top dollar to keep their valuable executives healthy, and you can be a key cog in that wheelset. In order to successfully integrate this tool in your business, you must have access to a team. I talk more about building your team/network in my book, but the basic idea is that within your community you must have an established relationship with nutritionists, physiologists, and physicians. This is crucial to your referral business and your ability to successfully implement an executive health screening program.

You can then approach your local corporations and offer to coordinate their executive health screening program, by directing the team that provides access to the necessary protocols. You’ll want to speak with the head of HR at the corporation. A sample executive health screening would consist of the following procedures:

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How to Be Successful at Health & Wellness Expos

What is it about fitness professionals and their lack of sales and marketing skills?

Case in point: I just returned from the National Strength & Conditioning Association expo. Although the booths, displays and content was fantastic, the actual sales and marketing skills were sadly subpar. Unless an attendee actually stopped at a vendor’s booth and specifically asked a question, they were allowed to pass by undisturbed. The first time I attended the expo, I literally cruised the entire room in 5 minutes flat.

In contrast, while in Las Vegas, I simultaneously attended the Freedom Fest, a gathering of completely different folk, devoted to finances, marketing, business, capitalism and economy. It took me nearly 30 minutes to traverse just a single aisle of this show! With each step, I was greeted on either side by vendors eager to show me the benefit of their product. They literally stepped in front of me, made eye contact, and asked as simple question, such as “Where are you from?” or “What do you do?”. Notice that these are open-ended questions and they take advantage of the fact that most people like to talk about themselves.

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Welcome to Train For Top Dollar

Are you tired of showing up to your routine personal training job each day to train a handful of clients and receive an hourly session fee? Do you have a personal training studio that struggles each month to meet the bottom line? Are you ready to command an exorbitant salary as a respected fitness or nutrition expert?
Whether you are a health club owner, private studio trainer or gym employee, Train For Top Dollar will teach you everything you need to know to maximize your income as a fitness professional, nutritional consultant, or personal trainer. Ben Greenfield, the nation’s top personal training business expert, has designed simple and practical, but highly effective income-enhancing strategies in Train For Top Dollar. Be prepared to step outside the mold and learn how to become a celebrity expert in your field, with an enormous client waitlist and a wide range of unique marketing strategies.

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