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Triathlon Coaching Webinar by Ben Greenfield now available from USAT

Are you a triathlon coach or in the fitness endurance market? Maybe you’re just trying to find out more about a triathlon coaching career or how to coach triathlon. By clicking here (link will open in new window), you can visit the USAT Webinar archives website and have complete access to any of the following webinars:

  • Race to Your Fitness & Truly Compete with Bobby McGee
  • Top 10 Triathlon Training Myths: De-mystified with Steve Tarpinian
  • Race Day Nutrition for Endurance Athletes with Bob Seebohar
  • Heart Rate Training with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • How to Make a Profit in the Triathlon Sports Market with Ben Greenfield
  • Long Course Brick Workouts for Success with Lee Zohlman
  • Training with Power – Power Basics with Angie Sturtevant
  • Swimming Myths with Steve Tarpinian
  • Cycling Technique-Improving your Power & Efficiency with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • Inflammation & Omega-3 Fats with Bob Seebohar
  • The Tri Diet: Weight Loss & Lifestyle Change with Rich Julason
  • Race Nutrition In Depth with Mark Allen & Luis Vargas
  • Off Season Strength & Conditioning with Tim Crowley
  • Successful Pacing for Successful Racing with Lee Zohlman
  • Developing 5k & 10K Running Ability with Bobby McGee
  • Metabolic Efficiency with Bob Seebohar
  • Single Sport Training to Improve Your Weak Link¬†with Tim Crowley
  • Triathlon Training for Women¬†with Sally Edwards & Cindy Miller

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