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How To Send Personal Messages To Your Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Training Clients

Let’s face it.

As busy fitness professionals, and fitness professionals who occasionally interact with our clients online, sometimes scheduling and engaging in a phone call with our personal training clients or coached athletes can be very difficult to do.

At the same time, we’ll occasionally receive e-mails and inquires from personal training clients or coached athletes that are just too involved and would take too much time for us to respond to in writing.

So as fitness professionals, or nutrition consultations, or coaches, etc., we are faced with a paradox…do you spend a ton of time scheduling a call with your client, calling your client, getting the introductions and niceties out of the way, and then attempting to close the call and say good-bye…all of which can be incredibly time-consuming.

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Podcast Episode #14: How to Conduct The Personal Training Consultation.


In this March 5, 2009 podcast episode, I teach you exactly what to say and how to conduct your initial meeting and consultation interview with a potential fitness, wellness or personal training client to win their trust, identify their goals and create a road map that results in a win-win situation!

I literally tell you exactly how I do it, and give complete instructions for creating a client interview form template.

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5 Simple Things You Can Add to Your To-Do List for Automatically Skyrocketing Your Online Personal Training Business

If you could hack into my computer and log-in to my Entourage calendar, you would find that I’ve created a simple task for each day – just something small that takes only about 5 minutes to accomplish. These tiny, seemingly inane habits add up to massively boost my online presence, search engine ranking, and productivity as a fitness professional, personal trainer, and triathlon coach.

I want to share 5 of these tasks with you. WARNING: After 2 or 3 weeks, you will begin to notice your website hits and interest in your personal training programs begin to skyrocket!

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Podcast Episode #10: Cloud Computing & More

In this October 16, 2008 podcast, Ben Greenfield explains how to automate your lifestyle, finances, and communication via simple and free web tools. Train For Top Dollar is all about the concept of “time as money”, and this podcast is crucial to saving you hours each week. Very helpful websites mentioned in this episode:

-manage projects, keep track of correspondence, archive files and make, assign to-do lists, and interact with outsourced employees

-free skype-to-skype calls and dirt cheap national and international calls, including video to interact with your online clients

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Podcast Episode #7: How To Create and Profit From a Personal Training Boot Camp

In this interview, Ben Greenfield has a conversation with personal trainer Danna Snow about how she trains 30 people in a single session, and nets an entire day’s profit in a single hour via her boot camp. Ben and Danna discuss fee and business structures, online automation, and boot camp workout styles. The bonus? ZERO overhead!


Podcast Episode #3: Corporate Wellness

In this podcast, Ben Greenfield interviews Brad Cooper of US Corporate Wellness ( During the interview, Brad introduces the topic of individualized coaching for corporate wellness programs, and explains how personal trainers can become involved in one of the fastest growing trends among America’s businesses. You’ll learn one very powerful way to leverage your time and resources in your corporate personal training.

How to Launch Your Corporate Wellness Personal Training Program

As the business world becomes more aware of the significant positive correlation between employee health and employee productivity, corporate wellness programs will become a standard. Fortunately for you as a fitness professional, the human resources department of most corporations are ill-equipped to make educated decisions on fitness equipment, exercise classes, employee exercise tracking, and exercise program adherence. This is where you come in.

Your first task, before approaching a corporation to offer your services, is to gather data that provides convincing evidence for the efficacy of a corporate wellness program. This job is easy, because most CEO’s have read it in the paper, most HR directors have seen the research, and most employees know that basically, “exercise is good”. Nonetheless, you must come prepared.

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