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5 Simple Things You Can Add to Your To-Do List for Automatically Skyrocketing Your Online Personal Training Business

If you could hack into my computer and log-in to my Entourage calendar, you would find that I’ve created a simple task for each day – just something small that takes only about 5 minutes to accomplish. These tiny, seemingly inane habits add up to massively boost my online presence, search engine ranking, and productivity as a fitness professional, personal trainer, and triathlon coach.

I want to share 5 of these tasks with you. WARNING: After 2 or 3 weeks, you will begin to notice your website hits and interest in your personal training programs begin to skyrocket!

1. Mondays: post to my twitter account. Be useful. Don’t be a salesman. Tell people about your latest fitness technique or healthy meal plan. Make them interested in your life!

2. Tuesdays: post to at least 1 forum (I personally do six). Include a helpful reply in your niche area (triathlon, bodybuilding, fat loss, etc.) and make sure that your signature includes a linkback to your website.

3. Wednesdays: Use, a social bookmarking website, to submit at least 1 of my recent blog postings to as many relevant social networking sites as possible.

4. Thursday: Send at least 3 of my clients a personal e-mail, whether it be a nutrition article, fitness tip, or just a “How Ya Doing?”.

5. Friday: Post a comment on at least 3 blogs in my niche area. For me, these are usually triathlon related blogs. Try to choose very popular blogs. Use stumbleupon to find out which blogs are getting lots of hits!

Try it. I dare you. Just don’t blame me when your online personal training or business as an internet fitness professional takes off!

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book