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What Is The Best Way To Sell A Fitness DVD?


I’m going to turn the tables. It is possible that the internet police may prosecute me for this, but rather than providing you with instruction, advice, and tips on having a career as a personal trainer, how to make money as a personal trainer and how to profit in the fitness business…

…I instead need advice from you.

You see, I want to give away a copy of a few of my DVD’s: “100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism”. But I don’t just want to throw them to the wind. I know how to make a fitness DVD and I know how to sell a fitness DVD. But I want to actually profit from the publicity generated by a free fitness DVD giveaway, in this particular case, one which features me walking the viewer through 5 different body-weight workouts.

So, to make this idea about fitness product promotion worth your while, I’m going to give a 100% free copy of the money-making guide for fitness professionals, my 150+ page book “Train For Top Dollar”, to the person who…

…gives me the BEST comment (to this post) about HOW TO TURN A FREE FITNESS PRODUCT GIVEAWAY INTO MASSIVE FITNESS BUSINESS PROFITS AND PUBLICITY. Let’s see what you’re made of.

Ready, set, comment.

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book