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Podcast Episode #16: How to Get Ranked in the New Bing Search Engine


If you’re a fitness professional, personal trainer or nutrition consultant who is serious about enhancing your web presence, then you must know about how to get your fitness website ranked on Bing, the new Microsoft search engine, over at

As you probably already know, getting high search engine rankings in Google is “The Holy Grail” of internet marketing and is crucial in helping your online and local customers to find you quickly and easily. But by this time next year, getting ranked in Bing will be just as, if not more important.

Here’s why: Microsoft has already spent over $80 million on a Bing search engine advertising campaign, and they’re putting tons of bells, whistles and features on Bing (like categories, mouse-overs and pop-ups, to name a few) that will make Bing an incredibly user-friendly and a highly popular search engine. Trust me, you want to get ranked number one on the new Bing search engine.

In this free audio Podcast for fitness professionals, I answer the tons of questions I’ve been getting from people who want to get ranked in Bing, including:

How do I get ranked in Bing?

How do I submit my website and get my website on Bing?

How do I rank number one on Bing?

How do I rank well on Bing?

What is a Bing search engine ranking?

What steps can I take to improve my Bing search engine ranking?

If you want to get a high search engine ranking in Bing and learn more about Bing search engine optimization (AKA Bing SEO), you won’t want to miss this free audio: Podcast Episode #16 from Train For Top Dollar.

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Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book