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Three Simple Steps To Put An Image Into the Body Text of Your Bootcamp or Fitness Class Craigslist Ad

Here it is (and after reading this, let me know if YOU have a Craiglist tip…just leave a comment!): the three simple steps to posting your ad on Craiglist and including an image in the actual body of the ad.

This is an incredibly useful way to keep Craiglist from “banning” your bootcamp or fitness class ad because it is the same as the one you posted a few minutes earlier. Just change the post title, put the ad code in, and you’re set.

Important: this is much different than just “adding an image” to your Craiglist posting. I know you’re smart enough than to have to read an article to figure that one out. Instead, this technique actually allows you to place an image in your ad BODY, as the primary content.

Step 1: Create an image that advertises your fitness class or bootcamp and put the image online somewhere. That means you need to load it up to Flickr, your own server, wherever – you just need an official URL for the image.

Step 2: Put the following line in the body of the Craiglist ad (obviously you need to change the to wherever your image is located):

<img src= >

Step 3: If you want to link the image to a website, then do this:

<a href=””><img
src= ></a>

Here is an example of how I did it:

Here are the details! Class is limited to 12 participants, so contact us soon.

<img src=””>

It looks like this:


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