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How To Record Calls With Your iPhone

In this post and video, I’m going to teach you how to record calls with iPhone. If you search around the internet, it is very difficult to find an actual app that can record iPhone calls, so this is a very good alternative. I completely understand that it requires one external piece of equipment, but it’s well worth the convenience.


I recorded an entire international phone call on my Skype app on iPhone and has it instantly accessible for a podcast just 5 minutes later. This is a pretty cool set-up if you want to podcast, etc. and be on the go while you’re doing it.

To record calls with iPhone, there is really no app that works unless you pay. Trust me, I’ve tried them all to record calls with iPhone, from iTalk Recorder to the paid app Recorder. My solution is far easier.

Here’s what you need to record calls with iPhone:

1) An iPhone (duh)

2) An AV Cable (cheap)

3) A digital recorder (in the video, I use the Zoom H2), although there are other options.

To record calls with your iPhone, plug the AV cable into the mic output of your iPhone, then the other end into the mic input of your digital recorder. If you want, you can also plug the USB cable from the digital recorder into your computer application for direct input of your audio to your computer.

And that’s how to record calls with your iPhone. It works. What do you think? Do you have a better solution? Just leave your comment below.

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