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10 Easy Steps To Teaching Your Personal Training Clients About Nutrition – Part 6: Fiber

When if comes to fiber, the benefits are numerous, but the simple fact is that most of the people you train are probably not getting enough of it, although they will most likely think that they are getting enough.

Nine time out of ten, I’ll perform a nutritional analysis on an individual who tells me they’re “eating their fiber”, and this consists of a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, a small salad with lunch, and some roasted veggies with dinner. With all the benefits that fiber gives, there’s no excuse not be eating more of it. Unfortunately, it’s a rare person that has time to actually count how many grams of fiber they’re getting, so general recommendations make a lot more sense.

Not that your clients have to stock their refrigerator with wood chips, dump a gallon-size ziplock bag of flax seed on their morning cereal, or stroll around chewing on a crumpled wad of paper, but proper fiber intake *is* important – and offers free health benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. If they can decrease how much they spend on health care, increase the benefit of their exercise routine, and feel more energy and less stress, then they should take that extra step to hunt down some fiber!

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