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Podcast Episode #17: How Personal Trainers Can Do Grocery Store Tours.


In this free, November 2 audio episode from Train For Top Dollar, I discuss how to create a relationship with a local grocery store, and creating password protected websites. If YOU have a question for the Train For Top Dollar podcast, simply e-mail .

Listener Moji asks: “I will be starting grocery tours shortly in local markets and/or grocery stores like Super target, Publix etc, anywhere where my clients that are local shop. Have you ever run into an issue with the store manager not wanting you to educate your clients?

Would you ask permission from the store manager ahead of time, introduce yourself as a nutritional counselor/trainer and that you wanted to make sure the store was ok with me going around with my clients educating them about what to look for and what to stay away from? How has your experience been? I read in your book that you set up a table etc and then have people ask questions etc. I am not at that point yet if you like, but would like to get my feet wet with regards to doing grocery shopping tours. Did you call ahead of time to ask permission to tour their store and/or introduce yourself as well or what was your experience? Please advise.

I have an area within my website, called a subweb which I would like to password protect so that only my paying members see this area which is where I would store my pictures, videos, liability forms etc. To download are you recommending a free one that you downloaded from an online source or does 1shopping cart have this feature, I know they have that in one of their programs. May be you don’t have this but if you could help that would be great.”tftdtv

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Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book