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How To Design a Cover for your Fitness E-Book

People judge a book by it’s cover. Design your information product accordingly. Appearance is everything. Your e-book, audio product, or video must be properly packaged or people will not buy it. It doesn’t matter that they’re not receiving a “paper book” or “physical product”. In the digital information age, electronic information is just as valuable as traditional information, if not more convenient, especially if your fitness or nutrition information product contains printable forms or logs. A client will have absolutely no problem opening their computer, scrolling to page 13, printing the page to take to the gym, and leaving the other 148 pages at home!

Have you ever seen a website or online advertisement that features e-books, audio CD’s or video DVD’s that look like the real thing but are actually only available in digital format? This is accomplished via a clever technique using simple software. You can take a raw graphic file of your e-book or audio information “cover logo”, and easily tweak it into an impressive three-dimensional design that looks like a real book or DVD.

Here are some useful resources to get you started:

I have an entire chapter of the book Train For Top Dollar devoted to creating digital information products such as books, DVD’s and audio seminars. Check it out here!

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book