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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

What Is The Best Way To Sell A Fitness DVD?


I’m going to turn the tables. It is possible that the internet police may prosecute me for this, but rather than providing you with instruction, advice, and tips on having a career as a personal trainer, how to make money as a personal trainer and how to profit in the fitness business…

…I instead need advice from you.

You see, I want to give away a copy of a few of my DVD’s: “100 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism”. But I don’t just want to throw them to the wind. I know how to make a fitness DVD and I know how to sell a fitness DVD. But I want to actually profit from the publicity generated by a free fitness DVD giveaway, in this particular case, one which features me walking the viewer through 5 different body-weight workouts.

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Three Simple Steps To Put An Image Into the Body Text of Your Bootcamp or Fitness Class Craigslist Ad

Here it is (and after reading this, let me know if YOU have a Craiglist tip…just leave a comment!): the three simple steps to posting your ad on Craiglist and including an image in the actual body of the ad.

This is an incredibly useful way to keep Craiglist from “banning” your bootcamp or fitness class ad because it is the same as the one you posted a few minutes earlier. Just change the post title, put the ad code in, and you’re set.

Important: this is much different than just “adding an image” to your Craiglist posting. I know you’re smart enough than to have to read an article to figure that one out. Instead, this technique actually allows you to place an image in your ad BODY, as the primary content.

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