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10 Of My Personal Favorite Time Saving & Productivity Tips

Over at the BenGreenfieldFitness Inner Circle, I recently made a video presentation on my 10 favorite time saving and productivity tips. Here is a synopsis:

#1: Power Hour. Every morning, I do 1) devotions; 2) a morning stretch routine; 3) review my day on ImOnTime; 4) snuggle with the kids. This is far superior to leaping out of bed and making phone calls or checking e-mail.

#2: ImOnTime. I load my entire month, week and individual days into this app on my computer, and it pops up reminders when I need them. There are other similar solutions, like Remember The Milk and Outlook reminders, but this is the one I use.

#3: Stickies. I use the Stickies Post-It app that came free with my Macbook, and have a separate post-it for each of my clients, tasks, books, websites, etc. Any random note goes onto the Post-It associated with that task.

#4: Whiteboard. I have a giant whiteboard in my office, on which I plan out my day, plan out individual tasks, scheme and brainstorm. Far superior to a piece of paper or napkin!

#5: Voice Memo App. Any time I have an idea or brainstorm, I open the free Voice Memo app on my iPhone and record it, then e-mail it to myself. Once it’s out of my head and recorded on the app, I have one less thing to think about.

#6: Bcc e-mails. Whenever I respond to an important e-mail, like to a client or customer, I blind carbon copy myself so that I can refer or follow-up to that e-mail later.

#7: Hootsuite. I use the social networking app Hootsuite to monitor my multiple Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, to schedule tweets and Facebook posts, track conversations and save myself a ton of social networking time.

#8: Google Reader. I follow about 20 blogs, and never visit any of them. Instead, I use Google Reader to feed in each blog that I follow and get automatically alerted when there is a new post.

#9: The Library. Most of the books I read, I get from the library. Because I know I need to return the book, usually within 14 days, I am forced to read fast and retain content. As a result, I typically read 4-6 books per month.

#10: Nutrition. I stay far away from processed foods, sugars, artificial sweeteners and any food that will interfere with my neural processing. I also take probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin D, fish oil, CoQ10, magnesium, amino acids and a green supplement as part of my daily protocol. This massively supports both my physical and mental productivity.

Do you have questions, comments or feedback about this article? Just leave them below. Ben Greenfield is the author of the book “Personal Trainers’ Guide to Earning Top Dollar”, and in the book, he teaches more concepts just like this.

Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book