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Who’s In? This Global Conference Aspires to Raise Bar For Health & Fitness Professions.

I’m pleased to announce my selection as a partner in the first annual World Fitness Business Owners Summit, a global, virtual conference featuring the top 25 luminaries and thought leaders in the health and fitness industry.

Registrations are open by clicking here.

These elite will present their best practices and most valuable insights to thousands of health and fitness professionals worldwide who desire to learn from the finest minds and most successful leaders in the profession.

A predicted 7000 health and fitness professionals from 129 countries are set to participate in the first WFBOS conference held via easy-to-use webinar technology. The draw, says WFBOS Presidents Rana Saini and Selina Scoble, is the highest calibre of health and fitness experts can deliver sales-pitch-free, rich content to live audiences that can interact with them in one virtual place, therefore connecting the global fitness community for the first time ever.

“A staggering 81% of fitness businesses are failing before they even reach their third year,” says Saini. “Undertrained fitness experts are damaging the name of the profession. We want to close the gap between the top fitness pros and the ones barely making it by showing the latter how to run their businesses more effectively and offer real value to their clients.”

Scoble applauds the efforts of other leaders and organizations that have taken measures to improve this situation for the industry. “We should all be working to raise the bar by improving the ethics and standards. It helps individual fitness leaders do better and it helps the industry succeed as a whole.”

The Pre-Summit series, August 1-31, 2012, offers a complimentary opportunity to sample the sessions of the full Summit before registering. The full Summit runs September 14-29, 2012.

For more details visit the WFBOS website.

A selection of the 25 luminaries presenting include:

Ryan Lee – Known as the ‘God Father’ of fitness marketing and a serial entrepreneur having been featured on the front page of the wall street journal and entrepreneur magazine.

Jeffery Gitomer – Serial Author and Sales Mavrick, he was bestowed the rare honor of being inducted into the National Speakers Association’s hall of fame

Dr. John Tickel – Having presened with Donald Trump, and Si Richard Branson Dr. John is the only weight loss specialist to achieve a combined client fat loss of over half a million pounds.

Pat Rigsby – Worlds leading personal training coach who has co created several of the most successful brands in the fitness industry.

And of course, little ol’ me.

Among the skills, topics and proven strategies attendees can expect to learn about include highly effective coaching, sales, niche leadership, creation of complimentary products and multiple income streams, client retention, intellectual property, social media, networking and much more.

During the Summit, attendees can ask questions of presenters real-time and interact with other attendees. Members’ forums encourage networking while shared Google docs enable collaboration. The full Summit will feature one to three live sessions per day that are all recorded and can be accessed for six months afterwards. Three live satellite events will be held in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

The cost to attend the full Summit is $497 USD – however if you register before August 31st the early bird price is just $197.

Registration opens July 16, 2012. To register for the Pre-Summit or the full Summit, just click here.

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Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book