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10 Easy Steps To Teaching Your Personal Training Clients About Nutrition – Part 5: Electrolytes

In the last article of this series, you learned about the importance of water. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much water your clients are drinking if they are not consuming adequate electrolytes.

When you consider the fact that over 75% of active athletes are deficient in magnesium, – an electrolyte that is crucial for muscular contraction, the pacemaker activity of the heart, and muscle repair and recovery – it becomes pretty easy to understand why so many individuals just aren’t able to perform to their desired capabilities during fitness sessions, and why they just don’t recover properly afterwards.

So what is the best way to explain electrolytes to your clients?

In order to educate you on electrolytes, I have actually prepared a special slideshow, entitled “6 Things Water Can’t Give You”.

You can access this slideshow, along with the crucial notes that accompany it, at the following URL:

If you’re lucky enough to have a projector in your personal training studio or fitness facility, you can even show this slideshow to your client during part of a session! Enjoy.

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