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10 Easy Steps To Teaching Your Personal Training Clients About Nutrition – Part 10: Continuing Education

In the past 9 articles in this series, you’ve learned quite a bit about nutrition.

But things change.

Based on ongoing research, recommendations on everything from carbohydrates, to proteins, to fats, to hydration, to electrolytes and supplements will constantly change.

So how do you stay on top of things, so that you can deliver to your clients the most cutting edge knowledge possible?

Here are some of my top resources for continuing education in all things nutrition:

Stone Hearth Newsletters – At this website, you can subscribe to a series of newsletters on specific topics about nutrition and science. They’re free, and delivered straight to your inbox.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Publication with nutrition topics, health news, FDA regulations, and legislative events. – Publication from the American Academy of Nutritional Sciences. Includes past and current issues online with subscription information.

Danone Institute For Health – At this site, you can find a comprehensive list of nutrition journals and the latest in diet research publications.

Twitter – Yes, that’s right. Follow the most respected folks you can find in nutrition and diet research, because they’ll often include links to studies in their tweets.

This list is just enough to get your creative juices flowing. Just comment below if you have questions about any of this, or your own resources to add.

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Click to get Personal Trainers' Guide to Earning Top Dollar Book