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Podcast Episode #15: May is the Official “Exercise is Medicine” Month…Are You Positioned to Profit?


The month of May has been declared the official “Exercise is Medicine” month by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Health Association.

What does this mean for you as a fitness professional?

Well, to start, here’s an e-mail I received a few weeks ago from the ACSM:

Exercise is Medicine™ Month 2009

Thank you for your continued support of Exercise is Medicine™! We’ve been working on numerous exciting initiatives to advance the promotion of physical activity, and are once again gearing up for an important event: Exercise is Medicine Month.

In 2008, cities, states and individuals around the United States celebrated the inaugural Exercise is Medicine Month. This year, we’ll be once again making the month of May a time to celebrate physical activity and get people moving!

Eleven states and numerous cities proclaimed May 2009 as Exercise is Medicine Month. We need your help in making this May an even bigger success.

A comprehensive toolkit with resources and information is in the making. But in the meantime, here are things you can start doing right now to promote Exercise is Medicine Month and the wide array of benefits physical activity has to offer:

· Contact your local officials. Tell them about the importance of getting the public active, and encourage them to sign a mayoral proclamation or governor’s proclamation for Exercise is Medicine Month.
·  Use the resources on the Exercise is Medicine Web site. We’ve got toolkits for physicians and health and fitness professionals already in place. Visit Check back soon for a toolkit for members of the public!
·  Get tools to help you with health promotion. Visit to find materials and resources.

Look for more resources in the near future. Also, there will be a special recognition program to honor communities and individuals who are especially active in promoting Exercise is Medicine Month!

Contact us at with any questions.

Interested in how I  generated a massive amount of community interest and new clients by leveraging the information in the e-mail above? It goes alot deeper than the flyer above, which I outsourced to be faxed to every physician in town.

Click here to listen in to this month’s podcast and hear the step-by-step examples of how I did it…

Here is the signed letter from the Mayor, after all was said and done…


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