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Monthly Archive for November, 2012

Attract More Personal Training Clients to Your Business Using the Power of Social Media – And Get More Facebook Likes!

My buddy Sean Bridger and I just planned a killer workshop on how to get more Facebook likes.

Sean designed my Facebook page, and he’s a wizard when it comes to this stuff!

During this 30 minute workshop, you’ll discover powerful social media strategies for your personal training business to easily generate more leads and referrals while also building a huge online community.

It’s free, and you can get in now by clicking here. This would be a very smart business move for you.

What Are Good Affiliate Programs for Fitness?

I’ve been asked lately about “affiliate” programs that I run and how people can access them. So I’m putting a few quick links below for you:

-Get paid 50% commission on all Ben Greenfield’s books/programs. Sign up at

-Get paid 50% commission on Ben Greenfield’s “Tri-Ripped” triathlon training program. Sign up at

-Get paid 25% commission on the Superhuman Encoder wristband. Sign up at

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A Very Cool Way To Get More Facebook “Likes” For Your Gym Or Personal Training Studio

Last month, in October’s “Social Media Tips For Fitness Professionals”, I told you about something called Wavespot.

And no, Wavespot is not a surfboard or boat.

Instead, if you’ve got wireless internet at your gym or personal training studio, you simply replace your current router with a Wavespot router and it turns your entire WiFi connection into a social networking tool that gets you more Facebook likes.

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