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Monthly Archive for February, 2012

How To Dominate The Fitness Market By Teaching Your Passion

I was recently interviewed at “Fitrilla” about how to dominate the fitness market by teaching your passion.

You can access the entire video interview for free by clicking here.


How To Use Online Technology To Boost Your Business (free slideshow)

I recently presented “How To Use Online Technology To Boost Your Business” at the Triathlon America conference. Feel free to check out the slides – which will help you turn from online dinosaur to internet ninja!

Be sure to especially pay attention to last slide, where I give you the website URL for a brand new mentorship program which I’m starting for triathlon coaches:

February’s “Social Media For Fitness Professionals” Posted!

In this edition, available now at PTOnTheNet, I teach you:

-How to easily do giveaways on your website

-How to log your diet for your clients and automatically turn it into a blog

-How to post a Google Calendar to Facebook

You can access February’s “Social Media For Fitness Professionals” by clicking here.

3 New Ways I’m Getting More Done In A Shorter Period Of Time

I’ve got 3 new ways I’m getting more done in a shorter period of time. Here is what they are:

1) Evernote – I use an Evernote “note” to keep track of my daily to-do list. Since it syncs to my Kindle and iPhone, I can access my to-do list from anywhere. I used to use a plain text document for my to-do list, but it was only accessible on my computer, so Evernote is better for this.

2) SendToReader on Kindle – Rather than reading an article on my computer, I am now more typically using the “SendToReader” function on my browser and reading that article on my Kindle when I am standing in line, sitting in an airplane, using the restroom, etc.

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