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Monthly Archive for February, 2009

Free Excerpt from “Train For Top Dollar” Chapter Eight…

Can of Worms – Legal Considerations in Nutrition Consulting

Welcome to the nasty, smelly can of worms in the personal training industry. Can personal trainers legally and ethically dispense nutrition advice? For that matter, can “certified nutritionists” legally and ethically dispense nutrition advice? As a fitness professional, you are a gatekeeper of information on exercise and nutrition, but there is a great deal of disagreement over how you can actually share that information. Part of the disagreement is due to highly differing state laws that govern nutrition practices (to view state laws in more detail, visit , as well as a lack of consensus on the definition of diet prescription. 

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How a Fitness Professional Entrepreneur Can Get a Toll-Free Number

Here’s a guarantee: If you don’t have something like I’m about to tell you, there are a few dozen potential fitness or nutrition clients a day who are not calling you because they don’t want to use their cell phone minutes or they think your cheesy local number doesn’t look professional enough.

OK, get ready for a very cool and highly affordable tactic for giving your personal training or nutrition consulting business a more corporate feel and a higher degree of credibility, while giving yourself a very quick and convenient way to get voicemail automatically delivered to your e-mail inbox as an instantly playable .mp3 file. For 10 bucks a month. I know – I was also floored at the price.

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